Names of Allah- Pt. 3

Allah is Ar-Rahim. He is continuously Merciful however this Mercy is reserved for a specific group of people- the believers. Man should show mercy to the creation to be worthy of Mercy from the Bestower of Mercy. Man often despairs over His Lord despite his claim regarding his belief. An apparent Muslim with a shaky heart. Ask Ar-Rahim to ease your affairs + make you believe with conviction in the Promises of your Lord.

He will answer your call so long as you wholeheartedly believe so. Don’t ever forget tthat unlike the other creation out there, you have Imaan. This in turn necessitates the Special Mercy of Allah upon you. You have this massive advantage so use it up. Don’t lose hope + mourn over the delayed response of your supplication. So what if yesterday wasn’t your day, today it could be. So how dare you despair!


Names of Allah- Pt. 2

Allah is Ar-Rahman. He’s intensely compassionate, gentle, kind + generous. His Mercy is vast + universal (it encompasses all creation). It is out of His Mercy that man roams the earth, eats, drinks + earns a means of livelihood. Mercy is His attribute. No doubt this name is one that a lot of us are familiar with but how many of us have really internalised it’s heart rattling meanings?

Ar-Rahman is the One who let’s man live despite his treacherous actions + ceaseless sin. Ar-Rahman is the One who converts the sin of the repentant one into good deeds that were never even thought of. Ar-Rahman is the One who sent man guidance through his righteous Prophets’ + Messengers.’ Ar-Rahman is the One who Responds to the caller who fervently calls upon Him.

Now, what are you waiting for? Call upon Allah, using this Noble Name!

Names of Allah- Pt. 1

What’s the first thing you ask someone you’ve just met? Okay, take your time, no rush. I bet you already know the answer anyway. You ask them, “What’s your name?” and this is completely normal considering you have no idea who they are. The point however is that a name facilitates in recognising someone. Getting to know them + understanding them. No I pose to you another question. Do you know Allah?

Allah, is the Grand name of Allah. It’s لَفْظُ الْجَلَال. It’s comprised of beautiful meanings that leave the reader in awe. It means to confound + amaze. It also means to turn to for protection, for who can Protect + Guard us but Allah? Allah means to worship + show dedication to, for we are in servitude of Him. The Name Allah appears 3,500 times in the Qur’an. 

Allah, is also the name that every Prophet was introduced to. Whether it was, “Iloh,” or “Ilohe,” it all stems from the same root letters which are: ا + ل + ه, isn’t that amazing? Next time you call upon your Lord, let these meanings filter through your mind, believe in them with certainty and Allah will respond to you!


This verse in Surah Waqiah really forces man to reflect on by far one of the most- if not the most essential resource for human life and that is, water. Not only is man composed of water but he needs to it to survive on a daily basis and without it, he’d be severely dehydrated and eventually die. Allah poses a question to all of mankind, to reflect on this vital component that sustains all kinds of life on this earth.

Questions’ alert the listener and when you see, “And have you seen the water that you drink?” your mind winds up in a flashback of you huffing and puffing after a long work out. You’re sweating and grasping for breath, probably bent over the side walk or playground praying to God that you can wake up the next morning without sore muscles (you’re sadly mistaken) and then you reach into your bag for that cool liquid that has the ability to rejuvenate every cell in your body and you gulp it down like you haven’t tasted it in years.

Allah has made water so vast and expansive. I mean 2/3rd of our Planet Earth itself is made up of it but how much of it is drinkable? Much less. There’s about eight billion of us on this Earth and we’re all in need of this indispensable product, which is why we should be extremely, extremely and I repeat extremely grateful to Allah that He has allowed us to gain access to it and benefit from it. On the other side we should limit our usage of it, save it as much as possible and provide it to those who don’t have clean and sanitary water to drink from.

!الحمد لله