Names of Allah- Pt. 3

Allah is Ar-Rahim. He is continuously Merciful however this Mercy is reserved for a specific group of people- the believers. Man should show mercy to the creation to be worthy of Mercy from the Bestower of Mercy. Man often despairs over His Lord despite his claim regarding his belief. An apparent Muslim with a shaky heart. Ask Ar-Rahim to ease your affairs + make you believe with conviction in the Promises of your Lord.

He will answer your call so long as you wholeheartedly believe so. Don’t ever forget tthat unlike the other creation out there, you have Imaan. This in turn necessitates the Special Mercy of Allah upon you. You have this massive advantage so use it up. Don’t lose hope + mourn over the delayed response of your supplication. So what if yesterday wasn’t your day, today it could be. So how dare you despair!


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