Quote – reflection

This is a quote from a book I’m currently reading and can I just say, it really hit home. All of us have mistakes, flaws and sins we want hidden from everyone. We’d hate if anyone were to bring up our past and use it as a sort of leverage against us. Then the question arises, how can I stop this from happening? Change for the better. Redeem yourself by channelling your efforts into good causes. Don’t just share flyers to upcoming social welfare projects but really strive, go out of your way to raise awareness. Help the sick, feeble and destitute. Be an advocate for reformation. Stand up for social justice. Be amongst the first to volunteer your services wherever it may be needed. 

This in turn will make up for all the wrong you’ve done in your past, when you were ignorant and didn’t know any better. How do I know this will work? So long as you do it for God, it will work. God will conceal your flaws from the minds, hearts and tongues of people, yes even tongues because I mean let’s face it, everyone talks and everyone has an opinion. Now stop sulking over your mistakes and lack of better judgement, go out there and make a difference. You can do it. As a matter of fact, you should do it.