A Believer’s Duty

One of the greatest acts of worship is to gain knowledge. To learn the Divine Book of Allah and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is such a virtuous deed. In another Hadith we learn that this knowledge is in fact the inheritance of the Prophets’ as they don’t leave behind any type of … More A Believer’s Duty


Ever had that rush of meeting someone and the two of you just “click?” You have similar interests, likings and preferences. Perhaps you share similar childhood stories and future plans. Whatever it may be, you both see eye to eye and get each other so well only after meeting once. On the other side of the … More Friendship


Life is tough. People are thrown into different situations every single day and those without any Imaan (Faith) are uprooted from their island of positivity almost instantly. The believer however is content no matter what. The sky could fall, the sea could spill over and buildings’ could be set ablaze but the believer will remain … More Introspective

The Bigger Picture

{The above Dua is called, Al Istiftah which is to be recited the moment we tie the Takbiratul Ihram in prayer, just before Surah Al Fatiha. It is not obligatory but it’s good to do so}  Every single one of us wants to live a happy life. There’s no doubt about it. Believer or not, … More The Bigger Picture

Future Plans

Are you studying? What are you studying? Why aren’t you studying? You took a break? What do you want in life? Don’t you want a good future? What are your future plans? Do you have any to begin with?  A whirlwind of endless questions about someone’s future plans and goals but the questioner doesn’t realise … More Future Plans


People often fall under the spell of stereotyping + categorising others for no reason whatsoever. They assume that a believer cannot be intelligent yet pious or stylish yet modest or outspoken yet conscious. A practicing Muslim can certainly be all of those wonderful things so long as he or she is sincere to their Lord … More Sincerity

Do It Right.

If you’re going to make a lifestyle change, learn a new skill, maintain a relationship, pursue a degree, write a thesis, start a business, travel to a foreign land or initiate a soup kitchen, then for the Love of Allah, do it right. Put your heart + soul into everything you do (assuming that it’s … More Do It Right.