This verse in Surah Waqiah really forces man to reflect on by far one of the most- if not the most essential resource for human life and that is, water. Not only is man composed of water but he needs to it to survive on a daily basis and without it, he’d be severely dehydrated and … More Water

The Bigger Picture

{The above Dua is called, Al Istiftah which is to be recited the moment we tie the Takbiratul Ihram in prayer, just before Surah Al Fatiha. It is not obligatory but it’s good to do so}  Every single one of us wants to live a happy life. There’s no doubt about it. Believer or not, … More The Bigger Picture

Be Humble! 

She draped her plum colored shaila around her head elegantly and took one last look in the mirror. She felt confidence and pride for her faith. She treaded gently to class, greeted everyone with a smile and found her seat in the front row. Yes! She took out her books and revised for the remaining half … More Be Humble! 


Attended a Tarbiyah class today and learned a handful of tips when dealing with children. Being a teenager, a sister, a student and a teacher at the moment made me realise the huge role children play in our society and how our behaviour towards them affects them in the long run. The first and most … More Kids

Do It Right.

If you’re going to make a lifestyle change, learn a new skill, maintain a relationship, pursue a degree, write a thesis, start a business, travel to a foreign land or initiate a soup kitchen, then for the Love of Allah, do it right. Put your heart + soul into everything you do (assuming that it’s … More Do It Right.

Universal Laws

If there’s one thing that mankind just overlooks like he doesn’t care, it’s that the creation teaches us something. The earth is rocky, hard and rigid. Apparently nothing can soften it but the moment a drizzle of rain casts its blessings on it, the earth is moistened and lean. It then has the ability to … More Universal Laws