Stay True to Yourself

Listen here buddy, you are different. Being different doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better than others nor does it mean that others are better than you. The reason for mentioning this is to encourage you to accept yourself the way that you are. Stay true to yourself 🙂

Be your real, authentic self. Don’t be a copy of others. The world is full of writers, doctors, engineers, social workers and so on. Find what you love and do exactly that. Pick up a book; perhaps on leadership and self esteem then learn a new skill; perhaps how to write creatively and how to stay organised then instill within yourself qualities that will benefit your future; patience, resilience, calmness and so on. 

To do anything, go anywhere or be anyone, a person needs to discover themselves.  When you truly know yourself then no matter anyone says, you’ll know who you are and you’ll do what you think is best. This isn’t to say, you shouldn’t take advise or listen to experts rather you take the good they offer, incorporate it in your plan to execute your goal and move on. The point is that you stay in control of yourself at all times. 


Some words

Here are some words for the unappreciated heart. Sometimes people do good with the intention of receiving a word of thanks, a gift, a compliment or something positive in return and when their expectations aren’t met, they collapse into a bed of sadness and low self-esteem. The interesting point here is that this isn’t even the issue. Do you want to know what the real problem is? The person’s intention

Avoid doing good for the sake of people. People forget and are quite frankly ungrateful. Today they’re happy with you and tomorrow they’re upset. When you do good – whatever menial deed it is- do it for the sake of God. Expect from Him. Work for His Pleasure. If you do this, I promise you, you will never feel undervalued or unappreciated ever again.


My experience in a nutshell –

“This is what I call a Divine Intervention, 

So please just listen, 

Give me your undivided attention, 

This is my story, 

A couple of years back, when I was a teen,

I had plans of leaving the country, 

Believe me I tried repeatedly, 

‘When will I be free?’ I thought solemnly, 

After some faith had entered me, 

My chance came, finally

To explore the world independently, 

Devoid of my family, 

But in particular, 

I wanted to enrol in a university, 

To pursue a Bachelors in Psychology, 

I searched around eagerly, 

And found one that had some decency, 

I gave my name and set the fee, 

But then, a few days later… A huge calamity, 

My attitude changed dramatically, 

The decision I was once held firm was now sinking before me,

He brought me back slowly and gently, 

Yes literally, 

It was nothing but His Mercy, 

He replaced my loss with greater opportunities, 

He let me win competitions and gifted me with trophies, 

He tagged me “volunteer”at different colloquies, 

He introduced me to righteous company, 

He taught me Quran and Arabic calligraphy, 

Tafsir which is word for word mind you and the Prophet’s (SAW) biography, 

Now He grants me confidence to share my poetry, 

سبحانك يا ربي

My beautiful sisters, He is Allah

Turn to Him wherever you are, 

Just you and Him, no mediation

This is what I call a Divine Intervention.” 

Redeem Yourself

She’s engulfed in a hug of shame,

She’s steered by the hand of desire,

She’s donned in a cloak of fatigue,

Her only home is the fire.

She’s not like the others, or so she thought

She’s strong and capable but now she’s caught

She’s trapped in a web of delusion,

Her only solace is in complete seclusion.

She’s sewn by people who gossip in her absence,

She’s filled with gloom and emptiness,

She’s foreign to the word, ‘Happiness,’

Her world is plain and colourless.

That was until she met her Lord,

She felt Him watching her and instantly knew,

That she could redeem herself, at this point

The feeling of hope was a dainty hue,

She decided to pray, an act so strange,


But from that day forward, everything began to change.


Image Source: ramesha.aseelofficial via, Instagram

We have Failed our People

We have failed our people,

We’ve turned our backs,

We claim to be equal, but we don’t understand

The repercussions of our actions as our brothers and sisters,

Are gunned down, handcuffed, shoved in and pulled out,

Trampled, wounded and blistered,

Insulted and rebuked because they believe,

We have failed our people, and we want to succeed?

Ash-Sham! The sacred land,

Composed of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and portions of Jordan,

Our family is under attack,

And we’ve just turned our backs.

The least we can do is supplicate,

Ask Allah to protect and save,

Those innocent people, children and youth,

Who simply want a chance to live and breath,

To worship their Lord in solidarity,

To grow and earn in peace and harmony,

To coexist with other communities,

To learn, share and appreciate diversity!

But they’re deprived of this because we’re selfish,

Thoughtless, inconsiderate and arrogant,

We don’t want to humble ourselves before our Creator,

Thus we resorted to turning our backs,

And in the process, we have failed our people…






The News is Misconstrued

Everything’s become so misconstrued,
As I watch you on the news, all I want to do is help and rescue,
Every dying, soul
I’m getting closer to my goal,
How? By clinging to the rope of our Lord,
My heart aches and I mourn, when I hear
That there’s been a bomb, an explosion, a drone,
Burning and tearing, through your homes
Setting it ablaze, leaving you broken and cold,
Bloodied and hidden, under collapsed buildings and schools,
Then there are the campaigns and protests,
Meetings, parades and Congress,
Banners and screams, about unity and peace,
Words we like to hear but don’t want to work towards,
Thumbs and fists in the air, by groups that dare to question their government, policies and power,
There’s someone taking their last breath this very hour,
One of the most sacred things on earth, is human life, yet we witness how it’s been shot, stabbed and sliced,
Whatever happened to human rights? Oh that’s right. It’s debatable with regards to countries like Palestine,
I’ll pray, I’ll exercise whatever patience within, control my feelings and hold it in,
And wait as the oppressors tumble-down like Lego from a toy box, with their posters and sweet talks,
I won’t be deceived, no. I’ll wait. We’ll wait.
I’ll still watch the news and this time the truth won’t be misconstrued.