My experience in a nutshell – “This is what I call a Divine Intervention,  So please just listen,  Give me your undivided attention,  This is my story,  A couple of years back, when I was a teen, I had plans of leaving the country,  Believe me I tried repeatedly,  ‘When will I be free?’ I … More Reflect

Reaching the end…

الحمد لله we’re reaching the end of our study of the Qur’an. The feelings and emotions that enshroud me are almost indescribable because I can’t seem to put into words how the Qur’an has impacted thus far. I swear by Allah, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go or who … More Reaching the end…


This verse in Surah Waqiah really forces man to reflect on by far one of the most- if not the most essential resource for human life and that is, water. Not only is man composed of water but he needs to it to survive on a daily basis and without it, he’d be severely dehydrated and … More Water


He looked for solutions to his anger, hatred, frustration and even- according to his mother- arrogance. He read books, watched documentaries, attended therapy and prayed as best as he could. It worked to an extent but there’s still so much more he has to improve on. He slips on a pair of Jordan’s and goes … More Thoughts

Be Humble! 

She draped her plum colored shaila around her head elegantly and took one last look in the mirror. She felt confidence and pride for her faith. She treaded gently to class, greeted everyone with a smile and found her seat in the front row. Yes! She took out her books and revised for the remaining half … More Be Humble! 

Walk the Talk

He stood in front of his crew and spewed words of belief and strength. Of purity and unity. Of God and scripture. Of concepts that he himself studied only half heartedly. He waved a hand and hung his shoulders in feigned humility. He aimed for recognition and familiarity, as his friends stared in awe and … More Walk the Talk

Be On Your Game

Its easy to whip out a heart throbbing idea and shelter it in your mind till it actually means that you have to woman up and make it happen. And once you’ve played your cards right, you officially have what you’ve dreamed of but now it means that you need to stay consistent. Be on your … More Be On Your Game


People often fall under the spell of stereotyping + categorising others for no reason whatsoever. They assume that a believer cannot be intelligent yet pious or stylish yet modest or outspoken yet conscious. A practicing Muslim can certainly be all of those wonderful things so long as he or she is sincere to their Lord … More Sincerity


She wanted to be understood. She leaned against the cold wall and sank to the hard ground in pure anguish. Her eyes darted left and right, searching for answers. She had never felt this type of loneliness before. On a usual day, she’d plug in her earphones, tap the “shuffle” option on her playlist eagerly … More Emptiness


You know what can pipe down that raging head ache or quench you’re undying thirst or spice your bland thinking or whip your lazy limbs? A glass of homemade lime juice. Yes. I made it myself when I was all of the above mentioned… Words. I had a lot to do but I didn’t know … More Relax