Quote – reflection

This is a quote from a book I’m currently reading and can I just say, it really hit home. All of us have mistakes, flaws and sins we want hidden from everyone. We’d hate if anyone were to bring up our past and use it as a sort of leverage against us. Then the question arises, how can I stop this from happening? Change for the better. Redeem yourself by channelling your efforts into good causes. Don’t just share flyers to upcoming social welfare projects but really strive, go out of your way to raise awareness. Help the sick, feeble and destitute. Be an advocate for reformation. Stand up for social justice. Be amongst the first to volunteer your services wherever it may be needed. 

This in turn will make up for all the wrong you’ve done in your past, when you were ignorant and didn’t know any better. How do I know this will work? So long as you do it for God, it will work. God will conceal your flaws from the minds, hearts and tongues of people, yes even tongues because I mean let’s face it, everyone talks and everyone has an opinion. Now stop sulking over your mistakes and lack of better judgement, go out there and make a difference. You can do it. As a matter of fact, you should do it. 


You know what He wants you to

When Allah decided to create Adam, He informed the angels of this. The angels, in their limited knowledge asked Allah in response if He was really going to do this. This question wasn’t one of objection or rebuke rather one of true curiosity. The reason behind this was because of the corruption the creation prior to human beings had caused. The jinn.

Allah showed the angels that the creation of Adam was going to be different. The human being is intelligent and capable of doing good. When Allah taught Adam the names of things; objects, languages and so on, He ordered the angels to name them if they could,

وَعَلَّمَ ءَادَمَ ٱلْأَسْمَآءَ كُلَّهَا ثُمَّ عَرَضَهُمْ عَلَى ٱلْمَلَٰٓئِكَةِ فَقَالَ أَنۢبِـُٔونِى بِأَسْمَآءِ هَٰٓؤُلَآءِ إِن كُنتُمْ صَٰدِقِينَ
And He taught Adam the names – all of them. Then He showed them to the angels and said, “Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful.” {al-Baqarah:31}

In response the angels said,

قَالُوا۟ سُبْحَٰنَكَ لَا عِلْمَ لَنَآ إِلَّا مَا عَلَّمْتَنَآ ۖ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ ٱلْعَلِيمُ ٱلْحَكِيمُ
They said, “Exalted are You; we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Indeed, it is You who is the Knowing, the Wise.” {al-Baqarah:32}

There’s a great lesson in this for us. The angels don’t know anything other than what Allah wills for them to know. Similarly we as human beings have limited knowledge. We only know what Allah allows for us to know about.


At Al Huda Institute, Sri Lanka we’ve had the privilege of starting a new course. It’s titled, Ruh al Bayan under which we’re studying a subject called Husn al Khuluq, meaning Good Character. Personally this subject has had a whopping effect on me and I’m not exaggerating. There’s a chapter titled, ‘Responsibility,’ and it’s safe to say that after studying it in depth, from here on out I’ll be taking my duties very seriously. Allah says,

يَا دَاوُودُ إِنَّا جَعَلْنَاكَ خَلِيفَةً فِي الْأَرْضِ فَاحْكُم بَيْنَ النَّاسِ بِالْحَقِّ وَلَا تَتَّبِعِ الْهَوَىٰ فَيُضِلَّكَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّـهِ ۚ إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَضِلُّونَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّـهِ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ شَدِيدٌ بِمَا نَسُوا يَوْمَ الْحِسَابِ
[We said], “O David, indeed We have made you a successor upon the earth, so judge between the people in truth and do not follow [your own] desire, as it will lead you astray from the way of Allah.” Indeed, those who go astray from the way of Allah will have a severe punishment for having forgotten the Day of Account. {Saad: 26}

Isn’t it amazing how Allah is informing one of his most honoured Prophets to be dutiful to the people, tend to their needs and not to follow his own whims and desires in the process? See, all of us have roles. As a woman you are; a mother, wife, daughter, sister, neighbour, friend, student, employee and member of the community. All these roles entail huge responsibility that cannot compromised under any condition. Having said that, this responsibility, if fulfilled and done with sincerity for the sake of Allah brings about a huge reward.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “If a slave is honest and faithful to his master and worships his Lord (Allah) in a perfect manner, he will get double reward.” {Bukhari}


Ever had that rush of meeting someone and the two of you just “click?” You have similar interests, likings and preferences. Perhaps you share similar childhood stories and future plans. Whatever it may be, you both see eye to eye and get each other so well only after meeting once. On the other side of the spectrum, there might be someone you can’t stand. If you meet them, you mutter the Salam and disappear before more words can be shared. You force a smile around them and try your best to be pleasant. You find yourself mentally prepping you heart and soul for their presence because in simple words, you can’t stand them. Do you want to to know why you feel like this? The answer is in the Hadith mentioned above. 

Before our souls were dipped into the vessel we call our bodies, they were in a place where all the souls- yes every single one- were gathered together. Some souls stuck together and some didn’t. Thus when we were released into this world, we traverse the earth in our different ways at various times and as fate would have it, our paths cross with those we got along with before (in the gathering of the souls) as well as those we don’t want to be around. By Allah this explains so much, sometimes we can’t describe in words how much we’re fond of someone or how much we detest someone (note, we shouldn’t backbite but this is a point of self reflection) but the fact that Allah inspired the Prophet (SAW) regarding this matter is amazing. 

The youth should really internalise this point. Sure, sometimes you’re inclined to certain people but this isn’t an excuse for us to prefer or choose the company of people who are detrimental to our Imaan (Faith). The believer is wise, he or she doesn’t fall prey to peer pressure or external influences (no matter how negative) rather he or she takes on the lead role of being one who influences others to good.

Be Like the Coffee Bean

There was an interesting parable that sky rocketed a while ago. It focussed on three objects; a carrot, an egg and a coffee bean. All of which were dumped into harsh + severe conditions (i.e boiling water) and the results of all three were completely different. The carrot had become soft + overly weak, the egg apparently looked the same but on the inside it was rigid + hard and lastly the coffee bean which had managed to transform the water into something more.

The moral of the story was that when (note we’re saying when and not ‘if’ because calamities will afflict everyone at some point in their life) hardships + adversity make an appearance, our immediate reaction is vital because it sets the pace for everything that’s about to happen. From an Islamic perspective, the believer has submitted to the will of the Creator and is at ease no matter what. The following Hadith is proof of it;

“How amazing is the affair of the believer. There is good for him in everything and that is for no one but the believer. If good times come his way, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him, and if hardship comes his way, he endures it patiently and that is better for him.” {Muslim} 

Having said that, even a believer can sometimes be pushed to the extent that he or she starts to ask the daring question, WHY ME? Hang in there soldier, take a deep breath, say الحمد لله and keep moving forward. Don’t stop your righteousness + deprive others of your kindness, gentle acts and humble smile as a result of a misfortune you’re facing. In short, be like the coffee bean 🙂


For more detail on the story visit;  Carrot, Egg or Coffee: Which Are You?


My experience in a nutshell –

“This is what I call a Divine Intervention, 

So please just listen, 

Give me your undivided attention, 

This is my story, 

A couple of years back, when I was a teen,

I had plans of leaving the country, 

Believe me I tried repeatedly, 

‘When will I be free?’ I thought solemnly, 

After some faith had entered me, 

My chance came, finally

To explore the world independently, 

Devoid of my family, 

But in particular, 

I wanted to enrol in a university, 

To pursue a Bachelors in Psychology, 

I searched around eagerly, 

And found one that had some decency, 

I gave my name and set the fee, 

But then, a few days later… A huge calamity, 

My attitude changed dramatically, 

The decision I was once held firm was now sinking before me,

He brought me back slowly and gently, 

Yes literally, 

It was nothing but His Mercy, 

He replaced my loss with greater opportunities, 

He let me win competitions and gifted me with trophies, 

He tagged me “volunteer”at different colloquies, 

He introduced me to righteous company, 

He taught me Quran and Arabic calligraphy, 

Tafsir which is word for word mind you and the Prophet’s (SAW) biography, 

Now He grants me confidence to share my poetry, 

سبحانك يا ربي

My beautiful sisters, He is Allah

Turn to Him wherever you are, 

Just you and Him, no mediation

This is what I call a Divine Intervention.” 

Reaching the end…

الحمد لله we’re reaching the end of our study of the Qur’an. The feelings and emotions that enshroud me are almost indescribable because I can’t seem to put into words how the Qur’an has impacted thus far. I swear by Allah, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be about two years ago. I had a vision but it was blurry and colourless. Faint and passionless.

I was a Muslim with some faith in God but clueless as to what I was supposed to be doing, i.e my purpose. Basically I was confused. I needed answers and thankfully I’ve gotten them. I have the Book of God as my instruction manual through this tumultuous life we’re leading along with the Prophetic guidelines on how to live it. Every Muslim out there should learn the meaning of the Qur’an. No one should leave this world in a state of confusion + arrogance.

My advice to struggling youth out there is this; stop worrying about the likes, comments, followers, subscribers etc. worry about where you’re going. Your life, future, dreams + success. What are you going to say when the Angel of Death pays the one time visit we’re all awaiting? You can’t ask for a second chance, the time is now. Thus, Get your head in the game, your eyes on the prize and your heart in the present. We can’t afford to sit idle. Seriously, it’s time to walk that talk.


This verse in Surah Waqiah really forces man to reflect on by far one of the most- if not the most essential resource for human life and that is, water. Not only is man composed of water but he needs to it to survive on a daily basis and without it, he’d be severely dehydrated and eventually die. Allah poses a question to all of mankind, to reflect on this vital component that sustains all kinds of life on this earth.

Questions’ alert the listener and when you see, “And have you seen the water that you drink?” your mind winds up in a flashback of you huffing and puffing after a long work out. You’re sweating and grasping for breath, probably bent over the side walk or playground praying to God that you can wake up the next morning without sore muscles (you’re sadly mistaken) and then you reach into your bag for that cool liquid that has the ability to rejuvenate every cell in your body and you gulp it down like you haven’t tasted it in years.

Allah has made water so vast and expansive. I mean 2/3rd of our Planet Earth itself is made up of it but how much of it is drinkable? Much less. There’s about eight billion of us on this Earth and we’re all in need of this indispensable product, which is why we should be extremely, extremely and I repeat extremely grateful to Allah that He has allowed us to gain access to it and benefit from it. On the other side we should limit our usage of it, save it as much as possible and provide it to those who don’t have clean and sanitary water to drink from.

!الحمد لله


He looked for solutions to his anger, hatred, frustration and even- according to his mother- arrogance. He read books, watched documentaries, attended therapy and prayed as best as he could. It worked to an extent but there’s still so much more he has to improve on. He slips on a pair of Jordan’s and goes jogging. As a child religion was drilled into his mind but he was never one to simply bob his head to everything Mrs. Saleem taught him. No, he asked questions. Daring ones even and now as his feet thump loudly and his heart drums wildly, he knows he did the right thing.

Asking questions opened up a dormant part of him and that was-emotion. He realized how wrong and delusional he had been. His mother never appreciated his attitude and considering the trouble he put her through, he decided to make a change for the better and learn more about his faith. And he did… He learned the meaning of the Quran and was baffled by the strong + powerful messages it contained.

He even memorized verses of it, taught his family (surprisingly enough) and shared it with his friends (well the remaining two out of a classroom) as well! Initially he felt a tinge of denial at everything he learned; like his purpose in life, the concept of an afterlife, the idea of Paradise and Hell but eventually, it all fell into place.

Be Humble! 

She draped her plum colored shaila around her head elegantly and took one last look in the mirror. She felt confidence and pride for her faith. She treaded gently to class, greeted everyone with a smile and found her seat in the front row. Yes! She took out her books and revised for the remaining half hour she had left. She had a goal, a vision and a dream. She wanted to accomplish and succeed just like anyone else but she intended to do it the right way. She looked beyond the glitz and superficiality this world had to offer. 

Another girl who lived a few cities away, squeezed into her dress and strapped on black stilettoes to match. In her mind, to work anywhere one had to look the part. She stomped boldy into her office (fully aware of the male attention on her), smacked her bag on the table and flicked her long hair away. She ordered everyone around and tapped away at her computer. Her idea of a good life was, money, money, money and more money. It’s too bad, she wanted only what this life had to offer and nothing more.