The Bigger Picture

{The above Dua is called, Al Istiftah which is to be recited the moment we tie the Takbiratul Ihram in prayer, just before Surah Al Fatiha. It is not obligatory but it’s good to do so}  Every single one of us wants to live a happy life. There’s no doubt about it. Believer or not, … More The Bigger Picture

The devil’s trick

He stared at the pale wall, his heart covered in faint grief. The dull pain from restraining his desires and wishes clawed at his insides. He gave it all up for his Lord. He knew better than to chase a girl who didn’t give two hoots about him. He knew better than to plug his … More The devil’s trick

Be On Your Game

Its easy to whip out a heart throbbing idea and shelter it in your mind till it actually means that you have to woman up and make it happen. And once you’ve played your cards right, you officially have what you’ve dreamed of but now it means that you need to stay consistent. Be on your … More Be On Your Game

What is Boredom?

Honestly, I’ve heard the statement; ‘I’m bored,’ or ‘Boredom sucks,’ more times than I can count on all my fingers. Wallahi its a phrase that not only grate my nerves but also one that has become foreign to me. Ever since I left a group of people who weren’t healthy for me, Allah replaced them … More What is Boredom?

No Words…

There are days when, you’re suffocated by confusion. No word could possibly describe how low, lethargic, sluggish and dull you feel, and you pass through the day like a zombie with no sense of purpose. What do I do? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything? Am I sick? I don’t feel like … More No Words…

Peaceful Heart

I’ve felt at ease before. Really I have, and الحمد الله for that but this time it was different. This experience was so unique. I went on a trip down south about a week ago and the highlight of my journey was the beach but in particular the burning globe we’ve named, the sun, setting … More Peaceful Heart

Only Him…

Your time is not worth the people who claim they’re here to stay but at the first chance they get, they bounce out of your life. People are soldiers, not God. They hoist their weaponry, tread on a path to complete their mission and you’re the spectacle in the way- that they initially prod and … More Only Him…


Nothing is more inspiring than listening to the Tafsir of the heart rattling verses in the Quran. Every single word in the compels you to listen to it. It has a force that drives you toward it no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise. It’s irresistible. It’s timeless and beautiful. It’s as … More Inspiration


True Guidance is that which is with Allah. He guides to His Light, the one in search of it and He leaves astray every heedless soul. Therefore; cling to the rope of your Lord. Don’t be fooled by this life. Find your purpose and do everything in your power to up hold it- till your … More Guidance